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First, choose a furry friend to make. We have more than 30 animals, including bears, bunnies, dogs and sometimes even officially licensed friends from your favorite television shows and movies! Click here to see our current selection of furry friends. Animals start at just $12, with new friends arriving every month.

Next, you can record a special Build-A-Sound® message. It could be your child's voice, or a parent or grandparent saying "I love you!" Maybe your furry friend offers a cheery congratulations for a job well done or welcomes a new baby into the world. At a loss for words? We also have pre-recorded sounds and songs to make your new friend special.

Select a heart - a Build-A-Bear trademark - warm it in your hands, whisper a wish and seal it with a kiss. Place the heart inside your furry friend and with the help of a Bear Builder™ associate you can add stuffing to your hearts content. A hug test will tell you know if it's just right.

After your friend has been given a heart, stuffed and hugged, it's stitched up using our patented pre-laced system. Your new friend is now ready to roll to the next station.

Help your furry friend put its best fur forward with a quick fluff and brush at the Build-A-Bear athtub.

A ballerina? A superhero? A baseball star? Whatever you imagine your furry friend to be, we have hundreds of outfits and accessories to help make your fantasy come to life.

This is where you name your furry friend and make a personalized Birth Certificate. It's also where we register your stuffed animal in the Find-A-Bear® ID tracking system, a unique Build-A-Bear program that helps lost furry friends find their way back home.

When you walk out hand-in-paw with your new best friend the real adventure is about to begin. We can't wait to make friends with you over and over again.

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